We are currently working with doctors and scientists who are focusing their efforts on curing LCA caused by a mutation on the RDH12 gene.

All donations go towards the RDH12 Fund for Sight to help save Bella's vision, and since the RDH12 Fund for Sight was set up through a non-profit foundation, your donation is tax deductible.

Through fundraising events, general donations, and the help of a lot of generous friends and family, Bella's Buddies has already raised over $66,250 for the RDH12 Fund for Sight since the fall of 2010.

There are many ways to donate to our cause.

Donating by Check

Make check payable to "The RDH12 Fund for Sight" and mail to:

The RDH12 Fund for Sight
c/o Mike Fiore
17 Searington Dr
Syosset, NY 11791